Presale Tickets VS Normal Tickets: Which Is Cheaper?

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When purchasing tickets for an event, it is crucial to consider whether presale or normal tickets offer better prices. Presale tickets are the ones released before general sales begin, giving eager fans a chance to secure their seats early and often at discounted rates. On the other hand, normal tickets are made available during main sales and can be purchased any time. Comparing both types of tickets can help attendees make informed decisions on which option is more affordable.

It is worth noting that while presale ticket prices can be cheaper than their normal counterparts, they may come with specific restrictions such as limited quantities or certain seating areas. Therefore, buyers should carefully read the terms and conditions associated with each type of ticket before purchasing them.

In addition to checking for early bird offers and presales, attending events on off-peak days could also result in more affordable ticket options. Prices tend to fluctuate according to demand and supply, thus opting for lesser demanded dates can lead to lower-priced tickets.

Ultimately, getting a good deal on event tickets requires careful research and planning. When given the opportunity, opt for presale or early bird options. Additionally, being strategic with when an event is attended could further impact pricing differences.

“The only difference between presale and normal tickets? Presale tickets give you false hope that you’ll actually get a good seat.”

Differences between Presale and Normal tickets

Presale and General Sale Ticket Pricing Comparison

A price comparison between presale and general sale tickets can save you a significant amount of money. The primary difference is that presale tickets are sold before the general public availability with lower prices, incentives like discount codes, early entry opportunities, etc.

Differences between Presale and Normal tickets:

Criteria Presale Tickets Normal Tickets
Price Lower price Higher price
Availability Limited Wider
Incentives Early Entry None
Sales Window Pre-sale After pre-sale

During the pre-sale phase, where only a small group of people has access to purchase tickets, the prices generally stay low. But when general sales open to the public, the prices increase quite quickly due to high demand.

Apart from pricing differences, presale offers early entry for some events compared to regular ticket buyers and provides voucher codes or other incentives.

If you’re in love with renowned artists such as Beyonce or Justin Bieber, you better be prepared to stand in long queues for they offer limited seats during exclusive pre-sale windows. One thing worth noting is that sometimes promoters oversell seats too quickly during this window so that those hoping to buy their favourite artist’s cheapest available ticket may end up only finding expensive packages.

Let’s see if presale tickets are worth the hype or if we should stick to our regular broke selves.

Cost comparison between Presale and Normal tickets

To compare the cost of buying presale tickets and normal tickets with the aim of saving money, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing each type. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of buying presale tickets and normal tickets, which include different perks and costs for each.

Pros and Cons of purchasing Presale tickets

Starting with the topic in discussion, Presale ticket purchase offers certain advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering beforehand.

  • Pros of purchasing Presale tickets:
    • Early bird discount
    • Prioritized seat selection
    • Avoiding last-minute rush
    • VIP access to pre-show events
    • Assured availability of preferred shows and seats.
  • Cons of purchasing presale tickets:
    • Non-refundable purchase
    • No guarantee of obtaining desired seats amid widespread demand.
    • Fleeting booking windows resulting in overlooking comparable or better options.
    • Different pricing for such tickets can cause uncertainty over cost-effectiveness.
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It is also noteworthy that buying presale tickets does not always guarantee the best value for money, particularly when offering discounts on already highly-priced concerts or exclusive memberships. Therefore, it would be wise to compare different available options before arriving at a final decision.

As witnessed by one attendee who had prematurely purchased high-priced presale tickets for a concert only to find out later that lower-priced general admission passes were available at an equally desirable proximity with similar benefits. The lesson learnt being – weigh all possible outcomes and conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis before purchasing costly presale tickets.

Buying normal tickets is like playing Russian roulette with your bank account – you never know how much money you’ll lose until it’s too late.

Pros and Cons of purchasing Normal tickets

Normal tickets: Merits and Demerits

Normal tickets are an alternative to presale tickets. They have pros and cons that one should consider before making a purchase.

  • Pros:
    • Availability: Normal tickets can be bought up until the event day, giving you more time to make a decision.
    • Flexibility: You can choose your preferred seat based on availability within the venue.
    • No Additional Fees: Normal tickets give you a chance to avoid extra processing fees charged by some presale merchants.
    • Possibility of Discounts: Sometimes, event organizers provide ticket discounts for early birds or specific categories. If you do not fall into such categories, it is worth considering normal tickets instead.
  • Cons:
    • Risk of Selling Out: If the event is popular or has a limited capacity, there might be no normal tickets left for you to buy. Hence, buying a pre-sale ticket will give you more guaranteed access to the event.
    • No Incentives: Presale sometimes offer incentives like exclusive merchandise or early entry. With normal tickets, one may miss out on such bonuses.
    • Lack of Security: If you wait too long to buy normal tickets and if it gets sold-out, then it is likely for unauthorized third-party sellers to scam you with fake notes/QR codes that are identical to real ones – leading you straight to purchasing an unauthorized duplicate ticket generated by the online scalpers.

Normal Tickets have quite a few noteworthy advantages but beware of potential disadvantages as well. Choose wisely and never rush since this will tie up your money without any return and cost irrelevance expense.

One possible approach would be that if you are flexible and not in a rush, wait for any alerts or offers that might pop up. If there are no offers available, normal tickets will be a better choice rather than risking the chance of scalping in secondary markets.

Getting a seat at a sold-out concert is like trying to find Waldo in a sea of red stripes, but paying for a presale ticket is like having a VIP pass to the front of the line.

Availability of seats

Seats Availability: Presale Tickets VS Normal Tickets

Presale tickets grant access to a limited number of seats before regular sales open. Here are 5 differences in seat availability between presale and normal tickets:

  • Presale tickets may offer access to better seats with fewer chances of sold-out shows.
  • Normal sale tickets may have a greater variety of seating options due to the full ticket inventory being released.
  • Presale tickets can limit the number of available seats in order to maintain exclusivity for early purchasers.
  • Normal sale often has more last-minute ticket releases, opening up the chance for additional seats.
  • Some events reserve specific sections or rows exclusively for presale clients which may not be available for purchase during normal sales.

It’s worth noting that presales typically take place weeks before regular sales and could lead to situations where there may be inventory shortages when regular sales begin.

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An interesting fact is Ticketmaster, one of the top event ticketing systems, offers exclusive presales through their website with discounts from popular artists.

Who needs a backstage pass when you can get access to exclusive merch? The real VIP experience is walking around with a limited edition t-shirt that you overpaid for.

Access to exclusive merchandise or perks

When it comes to obtaining special privileges or unique token of appreciation, there are a few differences between presale tickets and normal tickets. Here are some features that make the experience worthwhile:

  • Access to exclusive meet and greets with artists or performers.
  • Chance to buy special merchandise before anyone else.
  • Exclusive discounts for food and drinks at the venue.
  • The opportunity to upgrade seating arrangements for better views.

Apart from these special perks, presale ticket holders receive further benefits than those buying normal tickets. For instance, they can get their hands on event tickets before they go out on sale to the public. This means that they have a greater selection of seats available to choose from, which are not often available in normal ticket sales.

What many people don’t realize is that presale tickets date back several decades ago when Ticketmaster was established during the 1970s in Arizona. The owners came up with this strategy as an incentive for customers who bought its season-club subscriptions earlier than regular viewers could purchase them. Today, every major event organizer uses presales as a valuable tool for generating interest in upcoming affairs by giving concert-goers exclusive rights to purchase tickets ahead of time.

Arriving early to a concert is like being a kid on Christmas morning, except instead of presents, you get a good view and shorter bathroom lines.

Early entry benefits

Those who purchase tickets early enjoy exclusive benefits that regular ticket buyers do not. These benefits vary from event to event and can include things such as early entrance to the venue, access to special VIP areas, and discounted merchandise.

Here are five specific examples of the early entry benefits you might be able to enjoy:

  1. Gain access to seating or standing areas before other attendees arrive.
  2. Take advantage of shorter lines at food stands and bars before they get crowded.
  3. Enjoy exclusive merchandise only available during the pre-sale period.
  4. Mingle with artists or performers before their scheduled appearances.
  5. Get a chance sign up for meet-and-greet sessions with select entertainers.

Keep in mind that other events might offer additional or different perks, so it’s always essential to research the particular details on each occasion.

Pro Tip: Check out social media pages of the event organizers; they often post early entry codes, links and passcodes for fans.

Whether you choose presale or normal tickets, one thing’s for sure: your wallet will never be safe in the world of live events.


The analysis of presale tickets and normal tickets pricing schemes reveals a significant difference. Presale tickets typically offer cheaper rates, but the availability is limited to a specific time frame before public release.

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Presale tickets may be available to members of fan clubs or specific groups, or they may require a code for access, which can lead to discounts for early buyers. The key thing to note, however, is that there are usually fewer presale tickets available than general sale tickets. Once they are sold out, the cost becomes equal or higher than regular sale ticket prices.

It’s worth noting that certain venues can offer different types of presale access and not all events will have them. Organizers put presales on sale at different stages and frequency depending on demand changes.

Before making any purchase decision for an upcoming event, always keep in mind that it’s advisable to examine both options carefully based on personal requirements and urgency.

In recent years, fraudsters have found ways to take advantage of genuine fans’ excitement by selling counterfeit tickets from unauthorized dealers — caution is recommended when purchasing from sources outside official channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are presale tickets?

Presale tickets are tickets that are made available for purchase before the official on-sale date. These tickets are often offered to members of a fan club, subscribers to a mailing list, or users of a particular credit card, among other groups. Presale tickets are usually sold at a reduced price.

2. How do presale tickets differ from normal tickets?

Presale tickets are different from normal tickets in several ways. As mentioned, presale tickets are sold before the official on-sale date and are usually offered at a reduced price. Additionally, presale tickets may have different seating options or availability than normal tickets. Some venues may reserve the best seats for presale ticket holders.

3. Are presale tickets always cheaper than normal tickets?

Presale tickets are typically cheaper than normal tickets, but this is not always the case. The discount offered on presale tickets may vary depending on the event, the venue, and the ticketing platform. In some cases, presale tickets may actually be more expensive than normal tickets due to the high demand.

4. How can I get access to presale tickets?

The best way to get access to presale tickets is to become a member of the fan club for your favorite artist or team, or to sign up for the mailing list of the event organizer. You can also check with your credit card company, as they may offer presale ticket access as a perk. Finally, some presale tickets may be available through promotional offers from ticketing platforms.

5. Is it worth buying presale tickets?

If you are a dedicated fan or are interested in attending a popular event, it may be worth buying presale tickets. Not only are they often cheaper than normal tickets, but they also offer access to the best seats before they sell out. However, if you are not sure if you can attend the event or are not committed to a specific seating location, it may be better to wait until normal tickets go on sale.

6. What happens if I buy presale tickets and the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled, you will likely be offered a full refund for your presale tickets. However, it is important to check the terms and conditions of the ticketing platform before purchasing any tickets to ensure that you understand the refund policy in the event of cancellation.

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