Googler vs. Noogler vs. Xoogler – All The Differences

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Googler vs. Noogler vs. Xoogler

Are you curious about the differences between various positions at Google? Let’s dive into the unique characteristics of a Googler, Noogler and Xoogler.

The following table outlines the key features of each position at Google:

Position Definition Characteristics
Googler Current employee at Google Receives benefits such as free meals, on-site wellness centers and competitive salaries
Noogler Newly hired employee at Google Typically goes through an orientation program before being placed in their role
Xoogler Former employee of Google who has moved on to work elsewhere Often has insider knowledge of how things operate internally at Google

It’s worth noting that while each position has its own distinct features, there can also be overlap between them. For example, a former Googler could still be considered a Xoogler even after leaving the company.

As you consider your own career path, it’s important to understand the nuances of each position so you can make informed decisions. Don’t miss out on exploring all your options! From rookie Nooglers to former Xooglers, the differences between the Google generations will make you feel like a tech time traveler.

Differences between Googler, Noogler, and Xoogler

For those wondering about the distinctions between Googler, Noogler, and Xoogler, here are the unique differences.

The table below provides a clear breakdown of their differences based on their titles, definitions and responsibilities at Google.

Googler An employee who currently works at Google. Has a job title in one of the various departments within Google and is responsible for carrying out assigned tasks.
Noogler A new hire or recent employee who just joined Google. Goes through Google’s orientation process and learns about company culture as well as specific roles and tasks.
Xoogler Former employees who have left Google but are still part of its alumni network. Continue to be involved with the company through networking events, collaborations, or investments in a personal or professional capacity.

One unique detail worth noting is that Xooglers may also be referred to as “Google Cloud Heroes” if they continue working with Google in any fashion related to cloud technology.

In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, one notable Xoogler includes Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo! who played significant roles in developing some of Google’s popular tools during her tenure there.

Overall, understanding the distinction between Googlers, Nooglers and Xooglers can create clarity around an individual’s role within this tech giant and how they fit into its overall ecosystem. Ready to join the ranks of Googlers, Nooglers, and Xooglers? Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride full of coding, caffeine, and corporate lingo.

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How to become a Googler, Noogler, or Xoogler

Googler, Noogler, and Xoogler are three fundamental titles at Google. These terms represent various stages of an employee’s career at the company. Here’s how to attain each of these titles:

  • Become a Googler – Apply for a job through Google Careers, pass the interview process, accept the job offer and start working at Google.
  • Become a Noogler – After accepting a job offer, new Googlers are termed Nooglers during their first few weeks at Google while undergoing orientation and training programs.
  • Become an Xoogler – An individual who was previously a Google employee but has since left the company is known as an Xoogler. This can be achieved by quitting or getting fired from Google.

It is to be noted that being a part of Google requires talent, creativity, and hard work. Only the most capable individuals go on to become successful Googlers. As per recent data trends, however, many have resigned from Google to pursue different careers or start their own businesses.

A piece of fascinating trivia regarding these titles is that the word “Noogler” comes from the words “New Googler.” The word was invented in 1999 when an employee had trouble pronouncing “new googly-eyed hires.” Eventually, “Noogler” caught on and became an official term used worldwide.

Working at Google has its perks, but being a Googler, Noogler, or Xoogler means you can finally afford the guacamole at Chipotle without feeling guilty.

The perks of being a Googler, Noogler, or Xoogler

Being a part of Google’s team comes with unique advantages and opportunities. These opportunities may differ depending on your status within the company. Understanding the finer details of being a Googler, Noogler, or Xoogler can help you navigate the company ecosystem for maximum gain.

  • Googlers are regular full-time employees at Google. They enjoy all the benefits that come with being a part of one of the most innovative companies in the world, including free meals, healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and stock options.
  • Nooglers are newly hired employees at Google who are still in training. During this period, they attend orientation sessions and get used to their new workplace environment. Nooglers will also receive some perks such as gym membership and reimbursement towards temporary housing expenses.
  • Xooglers are former Google employees who have moved on from the company but still enjoy certain benefits. Xooglers have earned legendary status among insiders as former Googlers. They continue to be invited to exclusive events, professional networking opportunities and access to special discount offers by Google.
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In addition to these standard benefits, there may be other unique perks that come with specific roles within each employee category.

Googling exploring your work assignment+career goals at work can lead you down an exciting path toward learning about all things Google! Being part of Google’s team is not only rewarding for your career and personal growth but also means joining forces with one of today’s most significant tech companies.

It is worth noting that because so much has been written about Google over the years; numerous myths haunts their innovative culture. However, early in 2021 it was reported that new hires were presented a list of guidance called “Ten Things We Know To Be True.” These guidelines answer many myths about life as a Googler – including how they embrace transparency and maintain their corporate culture with snacks whose packaging displays humorous messages like “Laughter increases healthiness…and hunger. Enjoy!”

Lastly, one of the lesser-known stories of Googlers is that some bloggers have accused Google of elitism as a discussion board on their campus for many topics from linguistics to fantasy sports. Originally called “Google Answers,” the platform was later rebranded as “Google Groups.” Blogs report that over time this has led to enormous knowledge-sharing among its community, with smaller groups formed based on various interests and hobbies.

From famous tech innovators to Silicon Valley elites, these Google alumni have left their mark on the world – and their search history behind.

Famous Googlers, Nooglers, and Xooglers

Google has an interesting way of categorizing its employees based on their tenure and experience with the company. These employees are known as Googlers, Nooglers, and Xooglers. Here are some interesting points about them:

  • Googlers: These are current Google employees who have been with the company for a while. They may have started as interns or full-time employees and have now become seasoned professionals.
  • Nooglers: This term refers to new Google employees who have recently joined the company. They are usually fresh out of college or have just completed a graduate program.
  • Xooglers: These are former Google employees who have left the company for various reasons but still maintain ties with the organization. They may have started their own businesses or joined other tech companies.
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Some famous individuals who fall into these categories include Guillaume Chaslot (Googler), Justin Rosenstein (Noogler), and Marissa Mayer (Xoogler).

Apart from this, it is interesting to note that Xooglers often create a strong alumni network that extends beyond their work at Google. They tend to stay in touch with each other and organize social events that bring together former colleagues.

Fun Fact: A group of Xooglers founded a venture capital firm called Playground Global, which has helped fund companies such as Nauto and Made In Space.

Whether you’re a Googler, Noogler, or Xoogler, one thing is certain – the search for the perfect job title never ends.


After examining all the differences between a Googler, Noogler and Xoogler, it is crucial to understand how these distinctions affect the company’s overall work environment. As the culture of a company is essential in keeping employees engaged and motivated, understanding these differences can significantly impact both newcomers and veterans.

As we have discussed in the previous sections, a Googler represents an official employee at Google, whereas a Noogler refers to someone who has recently joined the company. Lastly, an Xoogler is anyone who used to work at Google but has since left.

It is essential to note that while each position holds its unique qualities and experiences, blending and celebrating these differences play an integral part in fostering a positive work culture. By recognizing and honoring what each group brings to the table can create unity among teams and boost employee morale.

Thus, it is imperative to embrace diversity within any organization continuously. Failing to do so could lead to potential disengagement from current or future employees.

As aspiring or current professionals continue their career growth journey, the information provided about these three terms’ differences can be valuable knowledge for selecting their desired workplace or enhancing their current employment experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Googler?

A Googler is an employee of Google.

What is a Noogler?

A Noogler is a new employee of Google who is in their first few weeks or months on the job.

What is a Xoogler?

A Xoogler is a former employee of Google.

How do these terms differ?

These terms differ based on the current status of the employee. A Googler is a current employee, a Noogler is a new employee, and a Xoogler is a former employee.

Are there any benefits to being a Noogler?

Yes, there are several benefits to being a Noogler such as orientation programs, mentorship, and training sessions to help them get acclimated to the company culture and workflows.

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